Relationship between Servant Leadership, Affective Team Commitment & Team Effectiveness

Muhammad Sarfraz Latif


With the help of this research paper interpreting the strength of relationship between servant leadership and team effectiveness using Affective team commitment as mediator. Selected sector for this research is I.T sector of Pakistan. Collected the data with the help of likert scale questionnaire, with self-administered method by convince sampling technique from public, private and semi – public organizations. I distributed more than 200 questionnaires and then I will punch this data in Spss for the interpretations of results. Also designed online questionnaire and shared the link of questionnaire via facebook & Email, respondent filled the questionnaire click on submit button Spss sheet was automatically updated. Spss results proved positive and significant relationship exist between servant leadership and team effectiveness, and also proved affective team commitment partially mediates this relationship. With the help of previous researches relationship also justified between servant leadership and team effectiveness. But in our context this relationship proved with the help of SPSS test.

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