Viral Marketing Campaigns: Promotional Tactics and Product Value for Referral Inclination

Mahmood ul Hasan, Muhammad Nouman Shafique,  Muhammad Mahboob Khurshid


As internet has changed the world, it has become the dominating mean of advertising and promoting the products. Marketers are adopting new ways of promoting firm’s products and therefore strategies are changing both in online and offline world. Viral Marketing has become a vital element among marketing strategies. In order to sell the product, marketers are taking into consideration new promotional tactics so that information about firm’s products can reach to large number of people which ultimately increases the product as well as firm’s strength. This paper focuses on factors that influence the consumers using giving references to their peers so that other consumers can make decisions about purchase of certain product. We have considered the two promotional tactics i.e. Scarcity and Personalization that influence referral inclination of consumers. Moreover, the value of product has been observed as moderating the relationship between promotional tactics and referral inclination.
Deductive research approach is used in this study and the nature of the study is co relational where correlation is found among dependent, independent and moderating variables. Furthermore, survey is used as data collection method to collect data from respondents based on adopted questionnaire. Population of this study is fashion industry in Pakistan. Simple random sampling technique with sample size of 200 respondents will be used in this study to collect data. After data collection internal consistency of data is measured through Cronbach’s Alpha test. Then descriptive, correlation, regression and moderated regression is used in this study to prove proposed model statistically.

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