A Metamorphosis Analysis of Management Support; Assortment of Rational Persuasion and Cognitive Involvement

Hidayat Ali Khan,  Hussain Ahmad,  Haji Rehman


This study is multidisciplinary, in which a relationship among relational persuasion, cognitive involvement and management support have been analyzed. This study will focused to analyze the effect of rational persuasion on management support in the presence of cognitive involvement. In this study deductive research approach is used which is based on survey method for data collection. In this study adopted questionnaire is used to collect data from respondents. Population is the whole universe of the study. In this study target population of this study is health sector in Pakistan. While the sample is the subset of population and in this study total 200 employees from health sector has been taken as sample through random sampling technique based on probability sampling method is used in this study. In this study SPSS 21 is used to analyze data for correlation and regression analysis to prove hypothesis. By the implementation of this study in banking sector in Pakistan organizational performance can be enhanced through process oriented organizational design which can never do before this study.

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